21 Apr 2007

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Full Name: Ashley Fuller Olsen
Birthdate Date: June 13th, 1986 (about 2 minutes before Mary-Kate)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue-green
Features: Right Handed, 1 inch taller than Mary-Kate, oval face
Favourite Hobbies: yoga and golf
Favourite Shoes: flip-flops
Favourite Stores: Boutiques in Los Angeles and New York City and Rome
Favourite Clothing: Accessories, accessories, accessories
Favourite Television Shows: Will and Grace, Friends
Favourite Movie: Waiting for Guffman
Favourite Kind of Books: Mysteries and Historical Fiction
Favourite Favourite Actors: Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore
Favourite Crush: Ben Affleck
Favourite School Subject: Maths
Worst School Subject: English
Pick a Number: 8
Whats in her bag: Lip Gloss, mobile phone, wallet and a day planner
Favourite Sports: Football and Hockey
Favourite Exercise: Pilates (at the moment)
Collects: Music
Saturday Night Routine: Dinner and hang out with friends
Rise and Shine: "I like to sleep in!"
Drink of Choice: Chai tea latte
Favourite Food: Angel hair pasta with tomato and basil sauce, sushi
Favourite Veggie: Broccoli
Favourite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
Favourite Colours: Yellow, Purple and Blue
Holiday of Choice: Christmas
Describe Yourself: "Organised, Loyal and Fun."
In the Future: "I see myself going to college, acting in and producing feature films, and continuing to run our company."

Full Name: Mary-Kate Olsen
Birthdate Date: June 13th, 1986 (about 2 minutes after Ashley)
Hair Colour: Naturally Blonde, but currently dyed brunnette
Eye Colour: Blue-green
Features: left handed, 1 inch shorter than Ashley, a freckle on her right cheek, rounder face
Favourite Hobbies: Horseback riding and Yoga
Favourite Shoes: "Sandals, but we call them flip-flops."
Favourite Stores: Boutiques in Los Angeles and New York City and Rome
Favourite Clothing: Watches, Funky Necklaces, Blue Jeans, T-Shirts, Cashmere Sweaters.
Favourite Television Shows: Will and Grace, Friends
Favourite Movie: Best in Show
Favourite Kind of Books: Real life books, no fantasy
Favourite Favourite Actors: Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore
Favourite Crush: Luke Wilson
Favourite School Subject: Creative Writing
Worst School Subject: Maths
Pick a Number: 8
Whats in her bag: Lip Gloss, gum, wallet, mobile phone
Favourite Sports: Basketball and Hockey
Favourite Exercise: Yoga
Favourite Animal: Horse
Collects: Candles
Saturday Night Routine: Dinner and a movie with friends
Rise and Shine: "I like to wake up early!"
Drink of Choice: Ice Blended Mocha
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Veggie: Broccoli
Favourite Ice Cream: Mocha
Favourite Gum Flavour: Strawberry
Favourite Colours: Maroon and blue
Holiday of Choice: Christmas
Describe Yourself: "Out Going"
In the Future: "I see myself going to college, acting in and producing feature films, and continuing to run our company."

Time magazine, crowned them "the queens of all things teen," listed Ashley and Mary-Kate #4 on its "Women in Fashion: Who's Got the Power?" supplement and acknowledged that "the mary-kateandashley brand is the fastest-growing fashion line for 'tweens and teens."

Ashley graced the cover of July's Harper's Bazaar in the U.S. with an article naming her "Fashion's New It Girl" reiterating how influential Ashley's style is on the fashion industry around the world. Moreover, this cover was picked up by several other countries and Ashley's issue sold so many copies, it falls in at #2 for July issues only behind J.Lo's cover with number of copies sold.

New York Times Sunday Style section dubbed Mary-Kate a "Fashion Star" for her influence on global trendsetting with her eclectic Boho style.

The mary-kateandashley brand is the premier global provider of fashion, entertainment, lifestyle products and information for girls of all ages.

Rolling Stone magazine noted regular girls "go bonkers over [them] because they seem hip yet approachable."

USA Today, recognizing their status not only as pop culture icons but bona fide trendsetters, praised "Dualstar's success in pioneering the 'tween market."

The girls are front-row mainstays to all the world's leading fashion events - from Marc Jacobs to Zac Posen - and lead the pack as two of Young Hollywood's hottest trendsetters.

During the first year of Full House, their names showed up during the credits as 'Mary Kate Ashley Olsen' and that a lot of fans thought Michelle was played by one girl with just a really long name. The fact that Michelle was played by twins was not distinguished until Season 2. - Emily

Mary-Kate took four months of drum lessons to learn to play the drums for New York Minute

The Olsens had to do their first on screen kiss in Passport To Paris on the second day of filming they were all nervous because none of them knew each other. MK was the most nervous she kept panicking and messing up her line. (Thanks to the person who sent this in!)

The Olsens have an estimate of 150 million dollars each but are still paranoid about buying shoes for 40 dollars they think its to much money (Thanks to the person who sent this in!)

Our lips are Sealed sold more videos the year it came out then either Erin Brokervich or Season 1 of the Sopranos Jack (Mary-Kate's puppy) cost $1,000 US.

"Friends" is being taped on the same stage originally used for Full House.

The entire cast of Full House always gets together for dinner once or twice a year. And often or they'll hang out with each other at other times.

The Director of 'It takes two' also directed 'Ever After', 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'Fools Rush in' and 'Anna and the King'

Mary-Kate and Ashley's first music videos topped a music video show that had acts by such bands as Aerosmith and Metallica, and it ended up outselling them for a year and a half.

When the cast of full house was introduced to the audience before each episode, Mary-Kate and Ashley would recieve standing ovations.

In the full house episode where Michelle is learning to ride the bike, the twin who was playing her in that scene really didn't know how to ride. She actually learnt while playing the part.

According to the September issue of YM magazine Mary-Kate has ADD. 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder'. She says '..because on my ADD. Everybody¡¯s brain works differently, and I just need longer for things to register.¡± The magazine hits stores soon, get a copy and read for yourself! (Note to Karry: Grow up)

Mary-Kate and Ashley were going to be on the MTV show hosted by Ashton Kutcher, Punk'd. But they found out about the prank beforehand. ¡°Our manager was afraid we¡¯d freak out.¡± explains Ashley ¡°We have no tolerance for things like that. They¡¯re really silly things but I¡¯d still get worked up about them.¡±

Mary-Kate stole money from her syblings piggy banks when she was little.

Mary-Kate owns two horses, named CD and Star

Their favorite shows are Will and Grace and Friends

They compete on grades. If one twin gets a higher score on a test, the other will go over the subject again.

Ashleys favorite subject is Math. Mary-Kate's is English and Creative Writing.

When shooting the Vanity Fair photoshoot the twins met Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Alexis Bledel and Mandy Moore

Normally they don't switch places, like in It takes two or Switching Goals, but they have made an exception: their P.E.-teacher can't tell them apart so now and then they switch places, which their classmates really like!

When they were little, Mary-Kate, Ashley, Trent and Lizzie always used to play family. Trent was the father, Lizzie always had to play the pet...

Their half brother Jake was born on February 22, 1998, their half sister Taylor on January 15, 1997.

Mary-Kate and Ashley both love musicals and that's why they're so proud of their sister Lizzie: she has played in four musicals already!

They both like falling asleep with their television on.

Ashley and Mary-Kate were both cheerleaders when they were younger and they do kickboxing and Tae Bo.

They dont like being called The Olsen Twins

According to Cosmo Girl. Drew Barrymoore personally called Mary-Kate and Ashley to ask them to do the Charlies Angels II cameo!

Mary-Kate would love to meet Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz, while Ashley prefers Brad Pitt.

Mary-Kate's favourite movie to make was Our lips are sealed

Mary-Kate's favourite TV shows are, FRIENDS, Dawsons Creek, Will & Grace and Party of Five

Mary-Kate drives a green Range Rover, Ashley on the other hand drives a black one.

When Mary-Kate & Ashley were losing teeth while filming Full House they had to go to the dentist EVERY week sometimes 2 times per week for false teeth on retainers... most of the time it was because the false tooth broke

When Mary-Kate was 7 and 8 years old, she loved to wear leather, and Ashley loved anything with frills.

In 1994, MK&A were planning to film a video about pirates and treasure and they never did.

For Halloween in 1997, Mary-Kate dressed as Raggedy Andy and Ashley dressed as Raggedy Ann

In October, 1997, MK&A put their hands in cement at the Graumann's theatre.

Robert Thorne said in an interview that they would never make MK&A lunchboxes, dolls, clothes, t-shirts, and toys because it's exploitation and then the girls wouldn't be special anymore in their eyes and in the parents' eyes....

In the Fall of 1998, MK&A went to the Broadway Musical of The Lion King.

In Home video sales, MK&A are second.. but only to Disney.

Mary-Kate couldn't get her kiss perfect in Passport to Paris so they had to film it over and over and over and...

Mary-Kate had a cold while singing Island in the Sun for their Holiday in the Sun Soundtrack.

When Mary-Kate & Ashley are doing an on screen kiss it's a rule that their dad is not allowed to be there since it's too embarassing for the girls!!

While filming It Takes Two everytime someone got them mixed up they got $2.00 dollars

When they were in New York, filming Ballet party, two kids who lived at their hotel found out the twins stayed there and kept knocking on their door until midnight! They had to call the security..

Mary-Kate wears glasses when she plays computer games.

They said they got their first un-taped real kiss when they were 13 years old.

Mary-Kate wants to visit Africa and Europe

The most stupid question they ever got was 'Do you guys have the same birthday?'

The first season of Full house Ashley wouldn't stop crying so they just used Mary-Kate.

Mary-Kate took her first steps while filming Full house.

Mary-Kate first started liking horses when they were filming To grandmothers house we go.

Trent's birthday is 22nd May 1984, and Lizzy's is 16th Febuary 1989

At their mom's house they have a pool.

They have own rooms and with that, own bathrooms and tvs and stereos (in their rooms)!

Before filming It Takes Two they got to know their co-stars. They went to see 'While you were sleeping' and had a sleepover at Kirstie Alley's house, where they had a scavenger hunt

Ashley has a steady boyfriend in college

While filming Full House Mary-Kate would act out the comedic scenes while Ashley took on the more serious ones.

Back when they were filming Full House Dave Coulier convinced Mary-Kate and Ashley they could fly if they ran around the room flapping their arms and saying 'tweet'

Mary-Kate and Ashley are on tv an average of 35 times a week

It Takes Two made 19.5 million at the Box office

The music album Brother For Sale sold over 300,000 copies!

Mary-Kate and Ashley threatened to walk off Two Of A Kind after producers tried to limit the number of terminally ill children who could come and visit their set.

Mary-Kate once stole from some of her sibling's piggy banks!

In the set of Full House the twin's only argued when it was about eating ice cream of cake.

For their 15 years birthday they had a sleepover in a bungalow behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, they also had massage for their friends.

When their father Dave remarried Ashley stayed at their mother's place, because whe felt sorry for her mother. So Mary-Kate went to the wedding by herself.

After the wedding the twins had seperate bedrooms for the first time in their life.

When Ashley was younger she had a hamster named Cocoa, she used to put him on her head and walk around.

They decided to start the Fashion line when they we're making Two Of A Kind.

Their favourite epsiode of Two Of A Kind is the Halloween epsiode.

They made $35 000 per epsiode of Full House!

Before season 6 of Full House started, the producers only wanted to continue with 1 of the Olsen twins. John Stamos convinced them to continue with both.

At age 6, Mary-Kate and Ashley became the youngest producers in history.

When they were young, they used to call their Full House co-stars by their characters names so they wouldn't mess them up during taping.

Source : http://www.mkaworld.co.uk/mka/index.php


Wrong Way Tanner. Salah satu episode yang pertama kali gue download, pernah gue tonton, dulu. Tentang Michelle yang bermain sepakbola dan ia menendang bola ke gawangnya sendiri.

Episode tiga season satu, menceritakan hari pertama Stephanie masuk sekolah, pernah gue tonton, waktu di Jawa. Saat itu Michelle masih bayi.

Setelah mendowload cuplikan Full House dari Youtube, gue jadi inget kalau Michelle dan Uncle Jesse itu sangat dekat.

Mary Kate dan Ashley Olsen bergantian memerankan Michelle. Tapi mereka pernah muncul bersama dalam beberapa adegan. Di antaranya, Episode Greek Week dimana Mary Kate berperan sebagai Melina, saudara jauh Michelle. Dan di episode terakhir, dimana Michelle hilang ingatan dan si 'ingatan' itu muncul dalam bentuk Michelle juga.

Kalau yang gue keingetan sama episode yang lain. Sebagai peri yang baik dan sebagai peri yang jahat. Dan ketika Uncle Jesse akan punya anak kembar, ia memandang setiap orang seolah-olah menjadi dua.

Episode The Last Dance. Gue hanya berhasil download cuplikannya dan tanpa suara aslinya (hanya ada suara musik sebagai latar belakang). Ada adegan Michelle dan Uncle Jesse bicara di atas boat. Setingnya bagus banget walaupun syutingnya di studio.