11 Agt 2012

“Full House”, Where Are They Now?

“What ever happend to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V.. You miss your old familar friends, but waiting just around the bend. Everywhere you look (everywhere), There’s a heart (there’s a heart), A hand to hold on to. Everywhere you look (everywhere), There’s a face of somebody who needs you. When you’re lost out there and your all alone. A light is waiting to carry you home, Everywhere you look.”

It was the theme song that warmed our hearts and put a smile to our faces from the mid-80′s until the mid-90′s. That’s right, I’m talking about Full House. Does anyone miss that show as much as I do? While I was still a little tyke for a majority of it’s actual series run, I have watched my fair share of reruns as I’m sure many of you have.

But like all of the shows from that time go, we seem to lose track of some of the actors that we welcomed into our homes from evenings on end. A handful of actors from family comedy are still around and quite successful, while some have me wondering, what ever happened to… Lucky for you, I did the research and have all the answers for 10 of the show’s most famous lead characters. Take a look below.


Bob has kept fairly busy since “Full House”. He was the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos for a while and even embarked on his own comedy tour. He became the host of 1 vs 100 in 2006 and has appeared on Law & Order: LA and currently hosts Strange Days with Bob Saget.


This “Full House” sex symbol has also stayed very busy since his days in San Francisco. He joined the cast of E.R. for four seasons at the hospital but has since only scored a few recurring or guest starring roles here and there. His most major recurring role has been on Glee as the sexy new dentist in town.


David hasn’t really scored any major roles since his big break on “Full House” as Joey Gladstone, the lovable Ranger Joe host. This funny man has done some comedic tours on and off but hasn’t really scored anything major on the television front. However, he has scored a successful Canadian cartoon series voice-over for the show Bob & Doug where he voices Bob McKenzie.


Candace is remembered best as D.J. on “Full House” but after the show ended, she starred in multiple made for TV movies. Now, Candace can be seen on the ABC Family gymnastics hit Make It or Break It where she plays a super religious other woman. An interesting combination if you ask me, but I’ve caught an episode or two and absolutely love her in it.


After “Full House” ended, Jodie fell into a little bit trouble. The actress became addicted to meth which she has stated that she started doing because she was bored. Now a recovering addict, Jodie wrote a memoir titled unSweetined which chronicles her journey through addiction after the hit show ended. TV wise, Jodie hosted the 2nd season of Pants Off Dance Off and had done a few independent films.


These girls literally capitalized on their “Full House” fame and turned their stardom into an absolute empire. Starring in their own video series and slew of movies, these twins made a killing with fans and families everywhere. While Mary-Kate still maintains to act every now and again appearing in the film Beastly, Ashley focuses more on the fashion and heading up their dual company, Dualstar. These two gals got money.


Following her role on “Full House”, Lori did a few films and television guest stars before landing another role in the show Hudson Street. The show was cancelled after one season followed the same fate for the show Summerland which showed us all that Lori was still keeping in shape and looking better than ever. Now, you can see Lori on 90210 on the CW still looking sexy.


Some of you may not know this but before “Full House”, Andrea actually was a recurring actor on Days of our Lives. Then after going from recurring to series regular on the family comedy, at the end of the show in 1995, Andrea decided to retire from acting. Andrea was married in 2002 and now has two children and actually lives in the UK with her family.


My final duo is the adorable twins from “Full House” who literally have quit show business all together like their fellow Full House actor Andrea Barber. There is no information out there on where they are now or what they are doing. I do know however that they are both alive.

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