10 Agt 2013

Mine - Kim Jaejoong


Neon jidokhae
Byeonge geollin saramgata neon
Bimyeong sok gin pokjue ppajin dok
Imi nan iksukhan dok

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge sorijireulkka (okay)
Kkumeul kkaejulge wae heomuhae
Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Saenggakjido motan geotgwa ssaugi bappa
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima


Dalkomhan kwaerageun neomu dara
Nal ontong samkyeobeoryeo

Wae ireoke sikkeureopge hago danilkka (okay)
Ullyeopeojige malhalge
Yeogin ojima naui badaya
Yeogimajeo oyeomdoeeobeorilkka duryeowo
Nae badaya naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima


Naui badaya
Nareul bichun taeyangmajeo gariryeo hajima

English Translation

You are terrible
It’s like you are diseased
Poison that runs wild in the screams
Poison that I am already used to

Why does it scream so loudly (okay)
I will wake up from the dream why is it so futile?
Don’t come here This is my ocean
I am too busy fighting things that I could not have imagined
It is my ocean This is ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me


Sweet pleasure is so sweet
that it devours me up in whole

Why does it make so much noise (okay)
I will say it out loud so it resonates
Don’t come here this is my ocean
I am afraid that this place will be tainted as well
It is my ocean This is my ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me


This is my ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me


[EP] 김재중 – I (Mine) [1st Mini Album]
Release Date: 2013.01.17
Genre: Pop Rock, Ballad
Langauge: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps, iTuns-M4A, ALAC

Following Jun Su’s solo album last year, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is now releasing his first solo mini-album! In a departure from JYJ’s music style, Jae Joong takes on the rock genre for his solo effort, which includes the explosive title song Mine, “My Own Consolation” from the soundtrack of Jae Joong’s movie Jackal is Coming as well as the modern rock ballad “Full Inside Me” written and composed by Jeon Hae Sung. Of the album’s five tracks, Jae Joong wrote four and composed two, showcasing his talent as both a singer and a songwriter.

Track List:
02. MINE
03. 내안 가득히
04. 나만의 위로

[EP] 김재중 – Y [Repackage Mini Album Vol. 1]
Release Date: 2013.02.26
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Thanks to the tremendous sales of Kim Jae Joong’s first solo mini-album I, a repackaged version has arrived! Y comes with two additional new songs – the dance number Only Love and the R&B pop ballad Kiss B – both of which are penned and composed by Jae Joong himself. For Only Love, he collaborated again with rapper Flowsik, who featured in JYJ’s Love You. The repackagealbum also includes all five tracks from I, as well as the instrumental versions of One Kiss and All Alone.

Track List:
01. Kiss B (feat. Flowsik Of Aziatix)
02. Only Love (feat. Flowsik Of Aziatix)
03. 내안 가득히
04. All Alone
05. One Kiss
06. 나만의 위로
07. Mine
08. One Kiss (inst.)
09. All Alone (inst.)






Fanmeeting and Mini Concert


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