9 Nov 2007

FLAME Daisuki

I knew about FLAME 3-4 months ago. I don't know, when I read their interview in a magazine, suddenly I fallin' in love with them. They're so funny and cute. Then I searched their sites. But its very hard. Site about them not much. English site there's just only one (and not uptodate). Another sites in Japanesse, Chinesse and Thai (o_O I can't read).

FLAME has four members. They are Yusuke Izaki, Hisato Izaki, Yu Kitamura, Seigo Noguchi. And past member, Kyohei Kaneko. Until now, they have had nine singles and two albums.

I have their songs (mp3), clips from Youtube, FLAME's webpages (from fundamental-loop.org) and FLAME's pictures. I've got all stuff from internet (of course).

Their album unreleased in Indonesia. Am I wrong? Correct me if I am wrong. I never seen their album here (it means I never visited music store *_*).

A lot of people (esp. teenager) addict with Japan now (J-pop, J-rock, dorama and the Japanesse grammar). How about you? Do you interest about Japan?

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