27 Mei 2009

Telenovela : Gadis Pemimpi

Gadis Pemimpi / La Picara Soñadora (1991)
Lupita is young and pretty and studies law. Although her future seems bright, for the moment she is penniless - and that's why she lives in the Sares department store, where she works by day as a salesgirl in the toy department and her uncle works by night as the security guard. Everything she "borrows" from the store to live on, she writes down in a little book so that she can repay it when she finishes her studies. She has it all planned. But one day, she meets a guy outside the office of the owner of the department store. She thinks he is there to apply for a job, and Alfredo decides to play along. Although the owner is his father, he uses the name of his best friend, pretends to be poor and arranges for himself to get a job there in order to chase that cute Lupita. Alfredo has always been a lazy bum and a flirt, and to him, this is all a game. But soon the game turns serious when he realizes that he's falling in love with her and the secrets they both keep are standing in the way

Cast :
Mariana Levy as Lupita López
Eduardo Palomo as Alfredo Rochild/Carlos Pérez
Rafael Inclán as Camilo
Irán Eory as Doña Marcelina de Rochild
Gabriela Goldsmith as Gladys de Rochild
Laura Flores as Monica (#1)
Lola Meriño as Monica (#2)
Angélica Rivera as Giovanna
Roberto Vander as Gregorio Rochild
Elizabeth Aguilar as Lucía
Roberto Ballesteros as Molina
Ricardo Cortez as Pietro Carini
Claudia Ramírez as Rosa

Gadis Pemimpi

Kassandra (1992)
During the first night of the Gypsies' arrival to town, while Randu dances with his future wife, Kassandra's eyes wander to another man. Their eyes meet and become locked in a strong mutual attraction. The man who stares is Luis David, one of Herminia's twin sons. Later the two talk below the starry sky, in the loneliness of the mountainside where they share a magical moment. The following day however, Luis David leaves town without a word

Cast :
Coraima Torres as Kassandra / Andreina Arocha
Osvaldo Rios as Ignacio Contreras / Luis David Contreras
Henry Soto as Randu
Raul Xiques as Alfonso Arocha
Carmencita Padron as Ofelia Alonso
Nury Flores as Herminia Arocha
Esperanza Magaz as Dorinda
Carlos Arreaza as Tomas
Alexander Milic as Matias Osorio
Hylene Rodriguez as Lilia Rosa Alonso
Ivan Tamayo as Hector Quintero
Loly Sanchez as Rosaura Osorio

Cara Sucia (1992)
Miguel Angel is a member of one of Caracas' richest families, while Estrellita is a poor but hard-working beautiful girl who sells newspapers in a corner every day to earn a living. When they met, it was love at first sight, and as the story develops, they begin a beautiful romance that makes them begin to date and later get married.

Cast :
Sonya Smith as Estrellita Montenegro
Guillermo Dávila as Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Humberto Garcia as Horacio
Chony Fuentes as Rebecca
Gigi Zancheta as Santa Ortigosa

Marisol (1996)
Marisol has a pain-ridden life. She has a disfiguring scar on her face from a piece of a broken mirror she had fallen on when she was a little girl, her mother is dying and she must sell paper flowers to make money in order to support herself and her mother. Sofia, Marisol's mother, is carrying a heavy secret and she realizes she must tell Marisol the truth before she dies and leaves her alone (especially with Marisol's sleazy boyfriend, Mario, always taking advantage of her daughter). Unfortunately Sofia dies without revealing that Marisol is really the granddaughter of Don Alonso Garces del Valle, the patriarch of a very rich family, which includes the handsome and amiable painter, José Andrés, also one of Alonso's grandchildren--or is he? To complicate matters, José Andrés and Marisol fall in love with each other (even though they are engaged to other people)--both completely in the dark about their true identities

Cast :
Erika Buenfil as Marisol Garces del Valle/Veronica Soriano
Eduardo Santamarina as José Andres Garces del Valle
Enrique Álvarez Félix as Leonardo Garces del Valle
Claudia Islas as Amapro Garces del Valle
Aarón Hernán as Don Adolfo Garces del Valle
Irma Lozano as Sofia Garces del Valle
Renée Varsi as Vanessa Garces del Valle
Laura Flores as Sandra Lujan
Sergio Basañez as Mario Suarez
Álex Ibarra as Paco Suarez

Carita de Angel (2000)
Dulce Maria adalah gadis cilik berusia 5 tahun yang sudah tidak punya ibu. Dia tinggal di asrama sekolah dan pulang setiap akhir pekan. Dia punya ruang rahasia di sekolah. Dulce Maria kerap datang ke tempat rahasia itu dan berkeluh kesah dengan ibunya yang sudah tiada. Namun akhirnya Dulce Maria memiliki seorang ibu, yaitu Cecilia, seorang guru yang dekat dengannya.

Cast :
Daniela Aedo as Dulce María Larios
Miguel de Leon as Luciano Larios
Lisette Morelos as Cecilia Santos de Larios
Nora Salinas as Estefania Larios "Tia Pelucas"
Luz Elena Palacios as Madre Superiora
Silvia Pinal as Madre Superiora (tras el fallecimiento de Libertad Lamarque)
Ana Patricia Rojo as Nicole Romero Medrano
Marisol Santacruz as Angélica Larios
Joaquín Cordero as Adolfo (Abuelo de Dulce Maria)
Ana Luisa Peluffo as Aida Medrano viuda de Romero
Paty Diaz as Clementina
Juan Pablo Gamboa as Noé
Manuel Saval as Gabriel


Opening Theme Videos
Gadis Pemimpi (La Picara Soñadora)
Cara Sucia
Carita de Angel

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  1. pemeran utama Gadis pemimpi .. Mariana Levy .. baru aja meninggal ya .. hiks

  2. mariana levy meninggal tahun 2005 kena serangan jantung waktu dirampok di mobilnya. hiks. kasian ya T_T
    dulu kamu nonton gadis pemimpi?

  3. ya gitulah anak SD kelas 3 .. nontonnya ya paling ikut2an org rumah yang nonton .. gak bgitu ngikutin .. tapi memorable juga ... Gadis pemimpi, carrusel, mercedes ... huaaaa jadi kangen masa lalu .. FB nya dah di add ya ...heheh thx

  4. emang nih masa lalu emang penuh kenangan. makanya di blog ini gue suka posting tentang apa aja favorit gue di masa lalu. siapa tau ada yang suka juga. kan bisa nostalgia bareng

    kalo hal2 yang baru2 biasanya udah ditulis di blog lain jadi gue ga terlalu antusias. pgn nostalgia ttg TVRI jaman dulu nih. tapi susah cari sumbernya. hehehe

  5. hahaha kalo TVRI kan banyakan produk indo, sedangkan di Indo orgnya kurang dalam mengapresiasi hal2 yang memorable produk sendiri ...

  6. ada kok yg memorable. tapi ya itu susah cari sumbernya. kalo tayangan luar kan ada tuh di youtube.
    gemes sendiri gue. tayangan lokal malah susah carinya

  7. Gw juga suka ma Lupita Lopez...
    Hmm kalo gw tinggal di mall...
    semua baraaaang bisa gw pake...

  8. Tlg dipostingkan lagunya telenovela Isabel,aku inget banget lagunya rancak banget,asyik banget deh!aku pingin banget ngedownload lagu itu,tlg ya,pls...pls...pls...!!!Muchas gracias!!!

  9. Eh maap nimbrung.....gw juga suka ama telenovela gadis pemimpi ini huhuhuhu.....oiya baru liat tyt pemaen cowonya (eduardo palomo) juga ud meninggal, gara2 heart attack jg....

  10. aku juga dulu seneng liat telenovela. masih mending lah ya dibanding sinetron. meskipun telenovela itu panjang tapi jalan ceritanya tetep jelas... hehe. sayang aku banyak yg lupa judulnya. cm inget dikit nama tokohnya aja misalnya Clara (astrid carolina herrera), Cinta Paulina, Por tu amor, Isabel, Acapulco Bay, Carmenita, Inez, trs telenovelanya thalia yg cowok yg akhirnya dia tertangkap bawa narkoba di mobilnya itu... duh lupa sapa namanya. huhuhu... jd kangen dgn masa2 kecil dulu. :'(

  11. wah baru inget lagi neh ama lupita kopezz

  12. pengen nonton lg semua telenovela jadul..por tu amor,paulina,esmeralda,gadis pemimpi,carita de angel,betty la fea,crystal,rosalinda,maria cinta yang hilang...waduh...apalagi ya?..hehe..kangen sm saul lisazo,fernando jose altamirano del castillo..

  13. seru kali ya kalo telenovela tayang lagi

  14. Farelnine, terima kasih ya atas posting-an lagu esmeralda-nya? :)

    djunaidi gojali

  15. pemeran utamanya gadis pemimpi udh meninggal dua2nya yah... :(

  16. aku sukaaaaa gadis pemimpi...dulu mesti ngikutin nih ma pengasuh adikku..
    ah sudah meninggal dua2nya..
    sekarang dah g ada ya telenovela di tv..adanya sinetron ma K-drama

  17. Kalo boleh usul puterin lagi deh telenovela gadis pemimpiny

  18. iyaa nihh kangen banget sama yg namanya telenovela....kapan yaa bisa ngeliat telenovela kayak dulu lagi...???

  19. acapulco bay dibahas dunk.... aktor cowonya mirip christian ronaldo,,
    btw tu lelenovela daur ulang,, sktr th 80an da versi yg maen... ANDRES GARCIA & LUCIA MENDES.... xixixixi.....

  20. Hai all, nih lagu sountract de La Picara Soñadora sebenaranya ada gak source download MP3 nya? info yaa